Sunday, September 14, 2008

Helping Young Burn Victims, The Al-Ghaithi Family

I feel as though I've posted this in 51 different places (which I most likely have!) but I am currently working on a sadaqah project and felt obliged to fill you all in, and hopefully you choose to get involved.

About a year ago a Yemeni family suffered from a natural gas explosion in their apartment, just two weeks after moving in. Wife and mother, Alouf, died as a result, leaving behind her husband and four badly burned daughters. They were all in the hospital and just about a month ago the eldest was released. Finally the family is all together and just moved out of a homeless shelter into a new home. The girls' grandmother came from Yemen to help Brother Rassas (their father, and her son) with the girls. As you can imagine having four ill/disabled/recovering girls under the age of six is a burdening task. 3 1/2 year old Lina is now blind as a result of the fire, and her eldest sister Duaa lost three fingers and wears a nylon compression suit 23 hours a day to reduce scarring on her body which was 60% burned. She had to learn to roll, sit, walk, eat, speak and even breathe normally all over again during her stay at the hospital, subhanAllah.

I was shocked to read Brother Rassas was ONLY 29 years old, subhanAllah. When my husband and I went to visit him and his daughters at the hospital I knew he was young, but not that young. Clearly the grief and worry has aged him physically and I cannot imagine everything going through his mind, on top of that he is suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. He needs to find a job, his mothers visa is up in November and he is yet to know if she will be allowed to stay. Who will look after the girls if he is at work and she must return to Yemen? They receive nurse visits everyday and have frequent visits to the hospital, some of them have several surgeries they will have to undergo in the future. They lost everything and have to start from scratch, I cannot imagine how many bills have piled up for Br. Rassas, and what not. Nevertheless, right off the bat I saw he was a humble and softspoken brother the day we visited him. He was filled with joy and was excited to take us from room to room in the Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit to see his daughters. He would walk in the kiss them on the head, showing us pictures of how they looked before the blast. It was so difficult to look at the small body laying helplessly on the hospital bed with tubes coming from every possible place, her body covered in vaseline to prevent her burnt skin from drying out, her eyes were closed. "No see," Br. Rassas told us in his poor English, pointing to Lina's eyes. At that point, she had just had her 3rd birthday.


So far my husband and I have collected about $1,1oo.00 for them. We will continue to take donations until the 26th of this month, as we would like to give them this gift for Eid, give or take a day or two. We've received donations from people as big as $200 and as small as $5, even pocket change is acceptable. Just think how much we can gather if people even give just $1. I don't see why people should be ashamed to give that, I would feel ashamed to give nothing.

This is the perfect time, Ramadan, to purify our intentions and do what we can to help the Ummah. This is a family who have no one else to turn to and have been, walhamdulillah, receiving donations from non-Muslims. What about the Muslims? What about the Ummah reaching out to each other? Here is our brother in need, our young sisters learning to cope without the loss of their mother and with new challenges ahead, and we couldn't even give a few dollars to ease their burden? I urge each of you who read this to please give any small amount that you can, and don't just stop there... tell whoever you know. If you tell 20 people and you all give $1, that's $20 right there mashaAllah. We can easily raise a good amount for them inshaAllah.

So what can you do?

First off, if you have any questions or comments, you can email me at lazeena.hosain[AT]yahoo[DOT]com. If you feel this is a little shady, there are people right here on blogger who can inshaAllah vouch for me and HOPEFULLY my trustworthyness =P If not, I can send you their lawyers information and you can send a donation through them. I would hope you would trust the Muslim more though!

Anywho, here are your options:

A) Mail a check to me or a money order, if you email me I will send you my address

B) Send a donation via payal, which is under the same email address I wrote above

C) Send a donation through Western Union

If you think of any other possibility, by all means, let me know. And again, please don't feel lame giving even $2, seriously, it means something. This is an investment in your aakhirah inshaAllah and fulfilling your duties towards your brothers and sisters in need.

And most importantly, please do not forget to keep them in your du'as! If you get involved don't worry, I will keep you updated via email, here, or on facebook, if I have you added, on the status of the project and how much is being collected.

May Allah accept your intentions and actions this Ramadan and foreverrr! AMEEN!
JazakumAllahu khayran

Oh, and please check out this news clip of when Duaa was released from the hospital! :

Article with more detailed information:


ammena said...

subhanallah... insha'allah Ive been looking for somewhere to send my zakat and this is totally what i was looking for. JazakAllah khair sis..I pray that things start to get better for them now they are all together. I will email you soon insha'allah and if not by next week... feel free to remind me on my shoutbox :D shukran

Habayeb said...

will be mailing you on FB when i send the transfer either on Thursday or Saturday insha'allah plus with the details you'll be needing to get it.

LivingHalal said...

How much they need short term?

Naimah G said...

Assalamu alaykum,

SubhanAllaah, reading this had me in tears, jazakillaahu khairan for informing others of this tragedy. May Allaah make it easy for the brother and his girls,ameen.

Jana said...

Salaam Umm Yusuf, have you thought of sending this into Muslimah Media Watch, it might generate even more publicity?

muslimahh said...

Thank you so much for making us all aware of this.

Anonymous said...

I've added it to my blog's list of sadaqa appeals.

Anonymous said...

Jazaana waiyyakum,
Alhumdullilah, its gr8 to know the amount u've raised in one week,mashaAllah.
just one query. Is your paypal address correct? I mean have you received funds through that?

LivingHalal said...

Here is another link

*~Ange~* said...

you can see the sadness in his eyes

Anonymous said...

oh wow, mashallah the girls are so beautiful and im just reading this now (3-15-09) and i wish i could've found out about this post, or even this blog earlier (i just saw this link on BUT I WISH I COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO HELP!!!!! is it too late????

muslimgirl95 (just leave it at that =]) said...

ok well i guess that im not gonna be able to help if i posted the comment as anonymous lol, but i'll put my name for this post, and if there IS anything i can do , please just post a comment after mine and i'll be sure to check back everyday to see if u responded and ill give u my email =]]]]]]]]]]]]

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

As salaamu alaikum sister, its not too late at all. I still have some money or them and just the other week someone sent me a small donation as well. Email me, my address is above and we can arrange something inshaAllah. Thanks for still finding out if there is anything you can do even though it SEEMS like it's too late

muslimgirl95 said...

ok well im kinda slow, lol, and i dont know where your email is, (u said it was at the top of yur page) =[[[[ but i dont see it anywhere