Saturday, March 7, 2009

Be careful of what you demand

Over the past couple of years the masjid in my area has been working towards expanding the masjid. Recently, after years of fund raising and architectual plans, the construction began. Everyone who lives on the street the masjid is on are Muslim alhamdulillah, except the 1 house right next to the masjid, it was owned by a non-Muslim. Eventually the man wanted to sell his home and knew he would make a lot off of a Muslim family who wanted to buy it.

The masjid decided to buy the house and for a while went back and forth with the price. Each time they stated a price for the home, the man wouldn't agree and wanted them to go up on the price. The house seems really small (from the outside at least) and the yard needs a LOT of work. They were near $450,000 and he STILL wouldn't back down!

The brother giving the announcement regarding this matter after Jumu'ah salah then mentioned that just this week they were able to get the house for about half of that price. Half?! How? SubhanAllah the owner of the home DIED! His kids just sold it off for whatever amount they could.

SubhanAllah can you imagine? This man kept playing with the price so he could get a lot of money, enjoy that money, maybe get a nicer home, only Allah knows, but yet Allah had different plans for him subhanAllah.

Now the brother making the announcement said it in an odd way... he said, "This is a moment of celebration for us". All the sisters gasped and looked at one another, it was as though he was saying we should be pleased this man died and the masjid was able to buy and now own the house. I'm sure he meant it was great that the masjid finally got it, but there wasn't even a little sadness in his voice for the loss of life. It did kinda of bother me that he said it that way, but I chose to look at it from another angle...

Death is always near, and it's as simple as that. We have so many goals and aspirations and we forget to consider that we might not reach them, on our way there we can die and that'll be it. We won't take the money or the fame with us... just our deeds. So let's try not to get too caught up in the dunya and always remember to make time for Allah and to contemplate how to make our lives more fruitful for the hereafter inshaAllah.


American Muslima Writer said...

SubhanAllah! Allahu Akbar!
Alhamdulillahhis kids were willing to jsut deal with it!
May Allah ease their pain.

yeah he shoulda been more sad for the guy but I'm sure a lot of frustration went into bidding for that house from the mena nd their relief must have been so very strong. I do kinda understand whey he might not have been so sad. Lol if it was me I might have been jumping up and down and praying from happiness....erm after I made du'a for the mans family and all that. ;)

But seriously you're so right... imagine the dreams he was plannign with that money and BAM it's gone. Because You're gone. SubhanAllah.
Makes me wonder if my dreams will ever come true..... yikes.

I can't remeber if I told you but you won February's Amazing Blogger Award from me. You can even put the icon on your blog if you like. XOXOX

Anonymous said...

yeah not sad i guess just remorseful,,, i was there and it was uncomfortable to hear it that way.. im glad they got the house its been a long journey but still yeah you know could have been less cocky about it sorry to say but true sister we can go anytime he didnt know very sad

Anonymous said...

hmm yeah death is very serious so it's seems like the speaker was harsh if he's supposedly remembering this. i mean, alhamdulilah the house was bought and cheaper, but it seems to me like there's not one but TWO lessons to be learnt here. the guy holding on to the house trying to make all these plans was just one.

Almallena said...

Asalaam walikum

Hmm I dont think theres much of a need for him to feel that sad, one the person isnt of our ummah, and he was being a greedy person and giving them a hard time. So what he died, everyone dies at one time or another, yeah its sad, but in this case, ahh whatever he wasnt muslim and he didnt leave this world doing right with the prices so...oh well! Alhamdulilah.

Aishah said...

Almallena: a life is a life and not to be tossed away. any death should be a lesson to us and I think this is exactly why sister Lazeena said to look at it through the fact that this man was focused on obtaining money and never considered he could die and not even enjoy any of it. I hate when people belittle a life just because someone is non Muslim. We should worry that this person is maybe then bound for hellfire and we justbecause are Muslims may just as well be!!! I think you missed the point here, it's to watch how you live your life. I don't think anyone was going to sit and mourn this man's passing but it doesn't mean to treat it as nothing, very heartless. We know we all will be headed for death but it isn't a small issue, death is the end of it all, the end of almost all our deeds and isn't something to just brush off!!

Umm Ismail said...

Death is Death No matter who it is and Muslim should Show a level of Compassion. Yes this man was Greedy but his Affair belongs to Allaah azz wal Jal not us. and As for the Brother We should Always be will to make a Good Excuse for Or brothers and sisters in islam. insha allah


Mona said...

Wow subhanAllah.

muslimahh said...


Sonia said...


But brothers like the one who was making the announcement drive me nuts. And then we wonder why muslims have such bad reputation. Half of it is a media and dirty politics, but the other half is our own fault. We don't think what we say and how we say it, and I am VERY guilty of it myself. Tongue must be controlled. A man's death is a death, even if he wasn't Muslim. He was Allah's creation. Grrr!

Anonymous said...

Hello. I wish everyone much happiness today. I have enjoyed ready this blog site. I would have to agree with those of you, who agree that all life is important and precious, including Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Especially, since I like my life, and I am a non-Muslim. I am very glad that something good was able to come about from this tragedy (being able to expand). I agree in thinking that the gentleman in question was just happy to have such a long ordeal over with and that the end was a positive one for those involved with the acquisition. I thank you all for letting me say my peace. I hope you all have beautiful days.