Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bloodiest Day Since 1967

More than 100 tons of bombs.
More than 200 killed.
More than 700 wounded.
More than 40 locations hit.

I'm sure just about everyone will post on this topic, and this is yet another one. It's a good thing to see many people talking about what's happened in Ghaza because it shows we choose not to be quiet about it, and that we do care.

I watched some news clips like this one and it breaks my heart to see crowds of people in chaos, people carrying lifeless bodies, the screams, the billowing smoke, the echos of explosions, sirens blaring in every direction, men in tears, bodies covered in blood, bodies in piles, demolished buildings...I can only think this is the closest image we'll see resembling yawmul Qiyamah.

People get into legal trouble for stealing, litering, mouthing off... but a city can be turned upside down with so many fatalities and no one is serving time for it, no one is being condoned, no one is reprimanded.

When I first heard of this I logged onto several news sides and had to navigate around the site just to find an article on what had happened. Why is this being treated as though it's not a big deal? It is! Had this happened elsewhere the world would have been in an uproar. It's disgusting. People no longer see value in human life. It's as if someone swatted a fly - who cares? People have grown used to seeing images life we've seen today of Ghaza. How disgusting is that? I saw pictures of salaatul janazah being prayed in front of dozens of bodies. Dozens!

SubhanAllah, seeing the police officer laid down saying the shahadah sent chills throughout my entire body! I don't know who he is, and if he is alive or dead, but I pray anyone who came near death and uttered these words are given the best of rewards from Allah, whether they survived or not ameen! When do we ever see such a sight? I pray that Allah guides these criminals or give these shayateen what they deserve in this life and in the hereafter ameen!!! Please please please make du'a that there there will be no ground attack (the Israelis are threatening to carry one out)

Demonstrations in Sudan

Demonstrations in Egypt


Adventurous Ammena said...

subhanallah.. i cant believe all these pictures and the news Im hearing right now... May Allah strengthen those people who find themselves in this position.

Random Muslima said...

Wassalaamu alaykum,
here in Finland these news are in the front page of every newspaper,and for the first time I remember they are showing the actual photos etc of what is happening.
This is not going to save the Palestinians, but inshaAllah they will not be forgotten again and again. May Allah ease their affairs and grant Jannah to all leaving this life in state of islam.

NiDa said...

*sigh* my heart aches every single time I see these images!!

You know what bothers me most... the fact that less people were killed in Mumbai and it got more attention! Muslims were terrorists for blowing up the hotels and Israelis are nothing for droping 100 tons of explosives on people???

Ya Allah what injustice. But you know sis - it also doesn't surprise me too much looking at the state of our ummah. Allah swt has said that victory will not come for the Muslims untill we return to His right path and unite as an ummah again!

So in the end it is upto US to change what is happening - it is time to unite and set forth our example once again!!!

Thanx for posting sis!

Ms.Unique said...

Well all has been said by Nida .... it's really distressing to see such s situation ..... duas are being made for them in the masjids here ...... May Allah give our Ummah strength to fight back such injustice ..... Ameen

Ms.Unique said...
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Inspired Muslimah said...

This is soo heart wrenching sis!! My heart hurts for palestine as we speak, nice post (meaning like informative).