Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I hate bugs!!!!

I came home after maghrib, as I usually do after teaching. My son went to play in the living room and I decided to get some cleaning done, oddly I was in a cleaning mood.

I went to the kitchen and started washing dishes and for some reason I turned around. That's when I saw it. I flipped outttttttt! Right behind me was a roach!! I scurried to the other end of the kitchen and realized it didn't move. It had to have been dead, what roach runs out and chills in the middle of a room with the light on and someone nearby? A dead one of course. A breathed a sigh of relief. I freakin haaaate bugs astaghfirAllah. Roaches are sooo ugly and they move so fast!

After 10 minutes of freaking out and venting to my husband on the phone while he was at work, I saw Yusuf looking tired. Thank Allah he sat in the living room flipping through his Dr. Suess books. I can't imagine if he'd waddled into the kitchen. He probably would have seen it and been like, "Cookie?" *crunch crunch* AHHHH.

Anyway, my cleaning mood was long gone and I decided to put Yusuf to sleep. I figured by then I would have congered up the courage to get the roach onto the dustpan and dump him out the window into the bushes outside - as my husband suggested. However, I kept having images in my head of it coming back to life and eating my son and I, so I decided to scoop him up right away.

I put Yusuf into his crib and went to get the dustpan. Then I saw that idiot roach twitching! Aw heck no!! I ran for the Raid and doused that sucka. Man, I was like... in jihad mode for real, I was spraying it from all angles while whimpering Allahu akbar lol. I think I used way to much Raid, but I swear, the more I sprayed it, it looked like it was ABSORBING the liquid! That thing is NOT the same size it was when I first saw it in the kitchen. Gahh, I hate bugs! Although I must admit it's not as bad as when I was in madrasah and we'd find maggots chillin in the musallah... THAT was nasty.

I'm assuming the roach is long gone, laying in the puddle of Raid. I'll probably leave it as a treat for my husband when he comes home =) I can't even look at that thing. I swear I'm about to slowly walk down the hall and see if he's still there. He probably faked his death. He was being so dramatic, flailing his arms and legs all over... maybe I'll just leave him there as a lesson for any of his friends who may be lurking in the corners.

And for your viewing pleasure...
Okay kidding.
But seriously, I was about to put a pic up cuz I was in an evil mood *muahaha* but then I couldn't even get myself to look at the images haha, so this will have to do!



Your husband said...

Pick it up. Throw it out the window. Clean up the raid on the floor. Don't leave it for me. Thank you.

P.S. Maybe we have to move out of the hood.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Lazeena...that's not good. Try not to freak out at around your son. Honestly he will become scared when he sees roaches too then...this is the East Coast NJ and NY are pretty much the same so there will be roaches.

You are very lucky you didn't see my kitchen on Saturday, UGH. So many dead ones after we did the bomb. Inshallah there won't be so many now. And the thing is, we are is our neighbors on the 1st, 2nd and 5th floors that are so dirty. My dad knows being he is the building Super and goes into those apartments for whatever work they ask him to do. He always says they are the nasty apt.

Be careful as to not spray so much raid though, it is strong stuff especially with a baby around.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ your husband! So funny!!

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Husband!! Ughhh get outta here! You weren't supposed to see this until AFTER you cleaned it up! Save me, I'm scared =( ..even though it's dead...

Mrs. H you're right... which is why I stuck my son alone in the room and then freaked out when he couldn't see me =) If they stayed still I wouldn't mind! But they move like wind! And I'm sure we have people nearby who aren't all that clean. That's one of the cons of living in an apartment, you can somewhat control what goes on in your space, but not next door. When we lived in a 2 floor ("garden") apartment 2 years ago we never had bug problems, it was just 2 families in one building. Here we have so many floors. It's just so bizarre how they pop up even though almost all the wall openings are sealed subhanAllah

Haleemah said...

LOLLLL this is soooo funny omg. I really should't be laughing because compared to be you reacted calmly. The last time we saw a roach in our apartment I couldn't stop crying and I left and stayed with my sister for 3 days!!!! My husband was so mad but I kept thinking about it crawling all over me in my sleep and everything! I could not stand it!

Candice said...

Looool, you're hilarious, Lazeena! :)

Mona said...

This post was HILARIOUS! I'm just as scared. THANK YOU for NOT posting a pic!!

Anonymous said...

lol that costume picture is funny!!! and i agree thanks for no real one or i would sooo be having nightmares! hope you don't get nemore bugs tho

Anonymous said...

Just remember, roaches are small, you are big. You have a big foot and can stomp on little roach. :)

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Ghariba - I don't wear shoes in the house, so stomping it with bear feet is pretty nasty =( haha. I know they're small.. but they're so evil!!

Saima said...

"jihad mode" hahahaha!! And your husband's comment is very funny too LOLZ!!!!!

Melda :o) said...

Well, for what it's worth..your experience with the evil roach might have stopped my craving for cookies *shudders*

BTW...did you watch ALF when you were little? ;o)

hijabee said...

I hate bugs too! I'm actually scared of them, yuckkkkkkkk, that picture is creepy lol

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Dear:

Get a fly swatter.

When I lived in Brooklyn, we had them EVERYWHERE plus an occasional mouse. Alhamdulillah we left Brooklyn.

Everyone is right; Raid is toxic.

Now we live in rural PA and the new challenge is bats!!!!

Anonymous said...

".....I decided to get some cleaning done, oddly I was in a cleaning mood."

If those moods don't come too often that may be why you had a roach in your home.

"I must admit it's not as bad as when I was in madrasah and we'd find maggots chillin in the musallah"

I'm curious as to why you use the term madrasah (which simply means school, NOT religious school). Since the entire post was in English why do you this word and simply not the English translation, school?
When you use the word madrasah non Muslim automatically assume this word ONLY means Islamic school. Do you ever hear how the media uses this word like it's dirty? Maybe if Muslims didn't use the word like it only meant Islamic school non Muslims would have a better understanding of this simple word.
It's often using Arabic words out of context or with a broadened context that creates buzz words that are used to be offensive.

Umm Omar said...

I can do anything but roaches, spiders, or mice (try finding one of those in your kitchen...not fun!)

Haleemah said...

Oh God anonymous. Another person who has to make issues over a perfectly fine post. It's people like you who blog hop anonymously leaving stupid insulting comments who piss me off. so she said madresa, everyone says that. When we talk in English we say Alhamdulilah and everything, so guess we should stop that too? My eman is low, guess we can't even say that either!!! There are bigger fish to fry then saying madresa, why can't people leave things alone and make something out of nothing?? Plus if she went to a madresa I think she knows it means school!!!!!! But everyone uses it to mean a dorming Islamic institute.

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Anonymous: I hope you don't think my place is a sty haha. When I say clean up, I mainly mean folding laundry/ironing and putting away my sons toys which he dumps out all over the living room floor minutes later.

Regarding the masrasah thing, I see where you're coming from. But most people acknowlege that when I say madrasah I mean an all girls live-in school, which I'd rather not type out all the time so I just use madrasah. Sorry that you have a problem with that, but I choose to use it that way despite madrasah just meaning school, as you mentioned. But generally when people use the term they mean a live in, Islamic school.

Anonymous said...

Anon- Trust me, I am clean my mother is SUPER CLEAN and there are still roaches. You can do everything under the sun, but when you have dirty neighbors as well usually it doesn't matter. Roaches come from the pipes, from the inside of the walls. It does have to do with cleanliness also but the woman above me never cooked, was barely home and still had so many. So trust me it happens to everyone dirty or not.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Your husband is sooo funny!! Sis I understand because I am petrified of bugs, I actually have panic attacks when I see them! Good luck sis

Lisa said...

I hate bugs, and think you did the right thing! I'm not into stepping on them, it just means that their carcass ends up on your shoe, and another cleanup ensues.

Your husband is so funny, and that picture, well I guess this is what they call child entertainment these days. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I was teasing about the cleaning thing lol.

My dear I don't have a problem with you using the term madrasah even though you use it incorrectly. I KNOW what you mean when you use it, you are missing my point. It isn't what Muslims think it's what non Muslims gain from the wrong usage of words that are commonly used by Muslims.

Dear Haleemah, I did not address you in any way but since you got so hot under the collar lol. My point is valid if you'd bother to look at the world around you dear.
Words like alhumdulilah, eman and such are not ones taken out of context but specifically the word madrasah IS (among others). You can live in a Muslim bubble if you want and not care how fellow Muslims gently twist things that lead to some serious misunderstandings by the non Muslim community but I for one don't live in that bubble. It DOES matter how these things are changed.

"But generally when people use the term they mean a live in, Islamic school."

This statement is not true. The term madrasah as you used it is *mostly* used in England, amongst the Pakistani and Indian communities. In the Arab world for example it is not limited to such a meaning and never solely used to indicate such a school. In America (except for the Muslim Pakistani and Indian communities) it is also not commonly used with your definition.

So sis Haleemah don't get your knickers in a bunch. I didn't insult the post, I asked a simple question.

Sahar said...

Who are you to judge how someone uses a word? What did you do, create the language? Stop causing fitnah cus if you were really concerned you would have messaged her privately about this. I guess you're contacting all media stations to stop misusing jihaad and mujahideen and hoor as well, right? You're telling people they have their shorts in a bunch, but it is really you who does. Why address something as small as this? We have bigger issues in the Ummah. I for one don't even think of madrasa the way you mentioned it until you did. I think of madrasa as a sanctuary of 'ilm. Also, you're making stereotypes that only Desi people view madrasa as a live in school. This isn't true so please stop acting like you know everything. I am Egyptian and understand madrasa as a boarding school. Some word's definitions change with time. I'm sorry if that upsets you but deal with it. Go find issues somewhere else, because there's nothing here.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that I have zero hostility towards any of you. It seems the hostility is coming towards me. I simply had a question of the blogger and stated my reason for the question and my opinion on it. Now it seems I am not even allowed that without 'causing fitnah' lol. If something like this causes trial for you maybe you should read on.

As far as definitions changing with time that simply is not accurate in Islamic lexicon. You ask 'who am I to judge' (as annoying as I think that question is from ppl and an entirely different issue ) I will tell you as a graduated linguistics major with an emphasis in Arabic I can make a judgment about it. And the word madrasa has not changed in definition.

You know several ppl have said there are bigger issues. Well really? I didn't know that...I'm completely stupid you know. The fact is I do know there are bigger issues but those do not take away from the misnomers being propagated by US, each and every one of us!!! The issues within the Muslim world are often separate from those associated with the Muslim world. This is one small thing (again SMALL doesn't negate it) that does matter in regards to our relationship with the non Muslim world.

As far as stereotyping that is not even a valid comment. I did not stereotype anyone. I also did not say "ONLY" as YOU did. I clearly said *mostly* and highlighted it as such because I knew someone like you would come along and say I said something different.

As far as messaging the blogger privately that is ridiculous. This is not some big secret thing. I had a simple question, I asked it in an open forum.

As for calling news agencies..good grief you are being a bit of a child in this discussion BUT I will tell you that in my association we HAVE spoken with major news outlets about these uses and we ARE trying to change it.

It IS important that as Muslims we use these words specifically and very accurately.

Thanks for your responses to me. I've learned a lot. May Allah reward you all. Ameen.

Anonymous said...

"I for one don't even think of madrasa the way you mentioned it until you did."

I do have to question you on this sister Sahar. Is your first language Arabic? I am guessing it may not be because no primary Arabic speaker would think opposite of what I said UNLESS they grew up in a community that did use the word madrasa as discussed above.

Sahar said...

Get over it! Who are you to judge what Arabs or non Arabs understand of a word? Yes Arabic was my first language, I learned English as a kid after moving to the US. You're wrong or at least accept someone else's view point. There's nothing haraam going on so enough.

Nihal Khan said...

"Although I must admit it's not as bad as when I was in madrasah and we'd find maggots chillin in the musallah... THAT was nasty."

Is that something all madrasas in the USA have in common??? Find out at soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow sis Sahar. I don't know whether to laugh or shake my head.
I have not refused to accept another view point, do not put words in my mouth. Judging is relative and a silly usage in this conversation.
I also never claimed anything haram was going on though others did to me.
Seriously I have about zero emotion in this but it APPEARS you have some serious emotion invested. You probably should be the one to get over it and be willing to accept that I have a different view.
Like I said, Allah reward you. Ameen.

Pink flower said...

hahaha smalla ur so funny

OurAdviceTooTheWomen said...

Im so late to this!! but lmaoooo i KNOW THE FEELING. Let me tell you a story!!

So me and my family went to saudi to make umrah, and me and my cousins roomed together, and then our moms roomed together, so in our mom room, there was this HUGE roach in the bathroom in the hole (toilet on the ground thats literally a hole)

every one was freaaaaaaakin out when they saw it, so they they did EVERYTHING, bug spray didnt work so finally they sprayed it down the hole.... it was in eyes view inside the hole so my mom says "i got somethin for ya" so she grabs the bleach, and shes pourinnnng bleach on the thing, and she says walahi it looks like it opend its mouth and started drinking it lmao!!

long story short the roach DID NOT die, it was still fine with the bleach and all, meaning saudi got some robo bugs (omg!! egypt too!!)! sooo we emptied a soada bottle and stuck it down in there good so it wouldnt come out lol!

khaki said...

haha.. that was cool. i had a similar experience...

if u'd like to read abt it

mirele said...

My torts professor in law school was from another state (I forget now and this was almost 25 years ago) and a transplant to Texas. He once commented on pest infestations: "Where I'm from, the pest controller comes in an unmarked vehicle, because you don't want your neighbor to know you have a problem with roaches or mice. Here, in Texas, however, you all have guys who come in vehicles with BIG BUGS [Terminix] on the top. You all want everyone to know that you're dealing with your problem."

Then I moved to Arizona. Different critters--geckos (harmless) and scorpions (not harmless). So far I've not had a run in with the latter.

Anonymous said...

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