Saturday, April 4, 2009

**New Hijabs, Pins, Gummies and Other Candies!**

I've finally gotten the new items for my little online souq

They include:
  • New hijabs! (pashminas, shaylas, amiras, and square hijabs)
  • New hijab pins
  • Candies: Halal Starburst (Original and Strawberry Mixed flavors) Halal gummies (variety of flavors)
  • Chocolates: I've added a few chocolates which are not native to the US, so it's something sweet to treat yourself to! ;)

Check out for the products, information, pricing, and how to order.

Keep checking on and off too, I'll be adding items periodically over the next week. If you want me to hold something for you (at a negotiated and reasonable amount of time) then I am willing to do that too.

Now this brings me to something else. On my page where my hijabs are, I don't really have product numbers or anything... so when someone emails asking about/wanting a hijab, it usually goes like this:

Sister: I love that purple hijab! Can I have it? Please get back to me with the total cost with shipping, this is my postal code *****
Me: Oh.. uh.. which purple one?
Sister: The one with the fringes
Me: There are 3 with fringes
Sister: It has sequins also
Me: There are 2 with sequins...

Okay so maybe I need to add product numbers or... ohhhhhhh! I should name them! Isn't that what other sites do? I'm not good at that stuff... I'll probably just name the hijabs with the little Arabic I know... LAHM (meat), MIL'AQAH (spoon), MA HADHA (what is this?), MUSTASHFA (hospital), and a whole bunch of grammar terms like mudaf/mudaf ilayi, jumlah ismiyyah, mubtada/khabr, fi'l/ism...

Orrrrr, I can give them really awesome names that I wouldn't be able to give to my future kids... like Shaniqua, Xavier, Gwendolyn (really not awesome actually), Lorenzo... aw how I'd love to name a hijab Lorenzo!!

Okay so maybe finding a way to better differenciate the hijabs isn't that hard. Please don't feel ashamed to email me and say that you'd like to purchase 'The Meat Hijab', 'The Lint Hijab', or
'The Hairy Hijab'... they're just creative names.. that's all! ;)


Salma said...

Lazeena- I love the stuff you have! You have something to suit everyone. My sisters and I all have different hijab styles and candy tastes and we've all found something to our liking! I would like to order some stuff as a surprise for my sisters (they're broke but still enjoyed drooling over your items lol) So I will email you this week inshallah with what I want. Thanks a lot for doing this, it's a real nice treat for those of us who can not have this stuff! I hope your business grows inshallah!

Aliyah said...


Mashallah you have some great stuff there, i will soon be ordering inshallah. I love the hijab pins especially. I really want a hijab pin with my initial, but i cant seem to find any place that sells them. Do u know anywhere online where i could buy from?

me said...

me wan 2 adem ting

Maria said...

Starburst??????? OMGGGG GIMME lmao
And I love Cadbury too, I wish we had the REAL stuff here!

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Hm.. hijab pins with initials. I've never come across those, I can ask around though. If you send me your email address I can contact you if I ever do find them inshaAllah lazeena.hosain at yahoo dot com is mine

Anonymous said...

wow sister you have such good taste in hijabs lol. if my dad lets me i want to get some then inshallah b/c i don't like the ones they sell here, very narrow for me.