Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Aynal Islam? Aynal Muslimeen?"

This is the saddest image yet of the atrocities taking place in Ghazzah.

These are the scenes kept away from CNN, Fox, and NBC.

Seeing this video hits you to the core, if it doesn't, I fear you have no heart.

What's stupid is that there are Israeli/Jewish hackers trying to remove this video from the internet because it's actually shifted a lot of people's beliefs in what's happening there and have launched more acitivism via Vlogs and YouTube to be pro-Palestine

(Please don't watch this if you're sensitive)

I couldn't believe the chills it gave me, I was physically shaking. Seeing the charred toddler, lifeless, head jerking around as the doctor held him up... these images are real and I think people have grown numb to seeing them that they forget this is an actual person, an actual life, or was.

It wasn't until inside the hospital that the doctor screamed, "AYNAL ISLAM, AYNAL MUSLIMEEN??" (Where is Islam? Are are the Muslims?) that I broke down uncontrolably.

This child is our child. Sisters, this is the beloved child you've carried in your womb for months, gave birth to and who was your happiness.This is the baby you craddled in your arms, fed, stared at for hours while he slept. This is the baby you fed and laughed with. This is the toddler who you watched take it's first steps. This is the child you had dreams and aspirations for. This is the child you would have done anything for.

Brothers, this is the child you spend hours away from to support financially, to bring food to him and shelter, saving for an education. This is the child you long to see coming home, before your own wife. This is your baby, the most precious part of your life.

This child is no different than your grandchild.
This child is no different than a neice of nephew.
This child is no different than your younger silbing, who you look out for and love so dearly.
This child is no different than the little kid whining for goodies at the grocery store.
This child is no different than the little kid you see boarding the school bus, waving goodbye to his mommy.
This child is no different than your best friends baby.
This child is no different than a small kid running around in the park, trying to touch the sky while on the swings, air in their hair as they go down the slide.

This child is your own flesh and blood, this child is a beautiful creation of Allah. This child's life was cut short, this is how he will be remembered. This is the child of Palestine.

May He curse the cowards and wrongdoers and give them the worst of punishments in the hereafter, and reward the victims with the hightest level of Jannah, ameen!!


Empress Anisa said...

Oh Allah! How I make dua against the cowardly aggressors- may Allah (SWT) give them punishment a million times over for EACH of their disgusting acts against our people... these animals are worst then any vile thing you can find slithering on the face of this earth- their DAY is coming.....

Anonymous said...
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Naimah Umm Khadijah said...

Totally shocking, subhanAllaah. These people are pure evil, and don't give a damn, insha Allaah they will get what they deserve.

Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum Dear Sister:

Ya Allah! We should all download this video to our RealPlayers or whatever before the proof is removed from cyber space.

Hajar said...

My heart felt utterly crushed. Such monstrosity! It pains me to think that there are many more children that may have ended up in that way ... May Allah S.W.T save these children.

Anonymous said...

ASA sisters,
I was in tears watching this video and I hate that I feel so helpless in this matter. At our son's school (which is Islamic) they encouraged the ummah to sign letters written to our congress men and representatives, and one rep wrote back saying that the US supports Israel and will continue to do so...I know its asking for a miracle but I hope on Tuesday when we witness history, Barack Obama will do what's right and not let politics get in the way. His idol is Abe Lincoln, and Abe freed the slaves, so INSHA'ALLAH he will break ties with Israel.....INSHA'ALLAH

Safiyyah said...

Wow Sister Malek! That sucks! It's like the Representative telling the people they are elected to serve that their opinions and desires don't matter. They weren't elected to serve their own agenda!

I would "out" that "Representative". Who's he or she representing anyway :(


Anonymous said...

It was Senator Bob Casey to be exact!!!

Ms.Unique said...

These ppl have been murderers and killers since generations they ddn't even spare the Prophet's .... Haven't u read in the Qur'an? What more can be expected of them? They're already cursed by Allah ...

Aalia said...

Asalaamu `alaikum Sister Lazeena

I cannot watch it -- my stomach is already fragile from watching live reports from Al-Jazeera... I cannot imagine seeing a poor baby charred!!!

Astighfor Allah!

Ms. Unique said what I was thinking too!

Safiyyah said...

Ms. Unique:

By "these people" are you referring to Jews?

If so, please present your daleel for your statement that all Jews are cursed by Allah.

It is not ALL Jews. They are also People of the Book. It would be permissible for your husband (if you're married) to take a Jewish wife and your co-wife would be Jewish. Would Allah (swt) allow our brothers to take a cursed wife?

I believe the Quran is referring to a certain set of Jews in a certain time in history.

If I am wrong, show me. But don't make blanket statements like that.

The Israelis can also hold up slaughtered women and children. The whole point is that all of the violence from BOTH sides is wrong. The innocent Muslim and Jewish people suffer.

Thank you for your understanding dear.

Safiyyah said...

Thanks Malek. I'm going to write to Casey :)

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

The Jews described in the Quran are like the majority of Israelis.
Now the Orthodox Jews are completely different.

Abdul-Malik Abu Yusuf said...


As salaamu alaikum. Innocent Jewish people? Are you referring to "innocent" Jewish people within the state of Israel?

Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum Brother Abdul-Malik:

Yes, of course. There are many Jewish people who were living there before it was the state of Israel, when it was Palestine.

Jews, Christians, and Muslims have lived in that land in peace, side by side, for many many years prior to all of this Zionist madness.

Abdul-Malik Abu Yusuf said...


Yes zionism is the problem, not necessarily the Jewish people themselves. Zionism is what took the land of a people (Palestinians) and gave that land to a people that were without a land of their own (Jews).

So my personal opinion is this, as long as Israel continues to exist, there will not be peace in that land. Israel was built on stolen land. It is surrounded by Arab countries, so that fact will never be forgotten. The existence of Israel itself is the root problem of what is happening in Palestine. Before the migration of Jews (in large numbers) to the land of Palestine and before the creation of Israel there was peace or relative peace in Palestine.

Now I guess the problem is how to dissolve the state of Israel. I read a statement somewhere that said Israel was born after the destruction of the khalifah (Islamic Caliphate) and it will cease to exist when the Islamic Caliphate rises again. That may be true Allahu alim. I also tend to believe that Palestine was taken by force by the Jews and it will only be taken back by force. I do not know, it's just a thought of wine and only Allah knows.

Also about innocent civilians in Israel, that is a discussion in itself. Some say that there is no such thing as an innocent civilian because as a citizen of Israel you are obliged to serve in the Israeli Defense Force. So everybody between certain ages are either enlisted in the army or on reserve for the army. Maybe the only civilians there are the children and the elderly, Allahu alim that is a discussion that is above me. Besides that they do not seem to care if they kill Muslim children, women, elderly, men, animals etc. so we treat them in the same manner, correct or incorrect? Allahu alim that is something for the 'ulema to answer.

UmmMinnah said...

Does anyone have the video saved?? I would like to link to it.

Sabrina said...

Looks like they got you too:( The player you embedded in your post isn't working. Says the clip has been removed -- probably because people don't want to know the truth. If you find another, please post it, I'd like to watch.

Safiyyah said...

I have the video downloaded to my RealPlayer. If someone provides me an email addy, I will, Insha Allah, email it to you.

Once you obtain this video, download it to your computer for future use, Insha Allah.

My email is Jihadlevine at Yahoo dot com

Mona said...

Assalamu Alaykum, I have made dua for the Muslims in Palestine and it is unfortunate that many people are suffering. However I can not be polical in this situation they are without a Muslim Caliph and they are not fighting to etablish the Shariah. Allah knows best, but it is possible if they tried to follow Islamic Law they would be victorious. To fight over land is insane their is no proof from the Quran or Sunnah that they are doing this with the nia to please Allah. I do agree with the other commenter when they said that no peace will be possible as long as the Israelis are there. It is quite plain to see that they were put there to fight against the Muslims and given weapons by the USA to fight them. It is disgusting to me that this country I live in gives over 3 billion in aid to the Israelis. Inshallah this will end. I will continue to make dua for Allah to protect the Muslims. However I do not agree with the terrorist acts that are committed by either parties, I know that each one of them will be judged by their on misdeeds on the day of Judgement by Allah!

Mona said...

Also I take comfort in the fact that these children will be going to Jennah and that this may be a mercy from Allah. Allah knows best!

Abu Yusuf Abdul-Malik said...

Saffiyah out of curiousity, are you a revert to Islam, formerly Jewish? I ask the question based upon your Email address, "levine".

Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum Abu Yusuf Abdul-Malik:

Yes, I came to Islam from Judaism in 1998, Alhamdulillah.

My mother was Catholic and my father was Jewish; we were raised in both religions, but we identified as Jewish and practiced Judaism more strongly. As a teenager, the rabbi suggested that I formally "convert" so no one would question my Judaism since my mother was a Christian (Judaism is passed through the mother).

My immediate family were Zionists but my great grandparents were not - they were Orthodox.

My name, "Jihad Levine" always raises eyebrows :)

ina said...


can anybody who has downloaded the video please for the sake of the Palestinean people send me a copy? Thanks in advance.

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Here is a link to the video, I will try and replace it on my site as well

Abdul-Malik Abu Yusuf said...


Veiled Muslimah said...

I've found another link for the video, it's on my blog.

Veiled Muslimah said...

I've found another link for the video, it's on my blog.

American Muslima Writer said...

SubhanAllah I wanted to watch it yet was already cringing with tears in my eyes as I clicked Play, then there was relief (in my stomach not my heart) that it didn't work but I do understand how horrid it is what they are doing.

Sarah Plain & Short said...

Salam aleikom,

maybe he said 'fayn?' fayn means where in Arabic.

Oh i just tried to watch it has been mysteriously removed by the ugly troll.... :(

Sarah Plain & Short said...

"EMpress Amina How I make dua against the cowardly aggressors- may Allah (SWT) give them punishment a million times over for..."

I'm sorry sister but I was told it is not in the Sunnah to make duaa against ppl, just to make dua that they be guided.