Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Video by CBS: "Is Peace Out Of Reach?"

As salaamu alaikum,

Please take the time out to watch this 60 Minutes documentary about Palestine and Israel, entitled "Is Peace Out Of Reach?" Kudos to Bob Simon and CBS for the non-biased coverage

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Pixie said...

Yay for Canadian (not very) but somewhat better than American media!!!! (I've watched both and I always knew more about the world from Canada).

Anonymous said...

What a situation for the Palestinian people. My heart aches for them to find peace. If this land is so holy I think that no one should occupy it!!!
I also thought about those women who were left in the house alone with those soldiers. May Allah protect them and bring about peace.

Anonymous said...

Mash'Allah I'm glad 60 minutes did this short piece. At least it showed some of the realities people have to live through in Palestine.

Anonymous said...

That is just ridiculous how they used the family's house for spying. I would be scared to leave my wife alone to go to work knowing those dogs were in there. I pray that Allah protects them all and everyone in their situation.. and everyone at the hand of wrongdoers

Umm Amirah said...

This report breaks my heart. I ache for my brothers and sister's in the holy land. Muslim and Yadu alike. It's terrible. To have men raid your house and watch your husband helpless!!! All I can do is make dua and STOP supporting companies that support this apartide regime.