Monday, February 9, 2009

Death to Deodorant

I was reading my buddy's entry over at The Healthy Muslimah about deodorant. It's pretty interesting. It makes me wanna stop using the stuff and opt for a mineral stone- except for the fact that I just stocked up on deodorant because they were on a great sale haha. A matter of fact... my son's here in the living room tossing around 4 deodorant sticks... *fun*

She mentions a mineral deodorant stick sold at The Islamic shops I frequent in Brooklyn also sell these, I never tried them before though. They're just $0.50 more than iHerb, but if you choose to get them you'll be supporting a Muslim business.

On top of that the Madina Industrial Company has a wide range of vegetable based products for Muslims - including other halal deodorants, bar soaps, shampoos, hand soaps, hundreds of alcohol free perfumes (for men and women), body lotions, lip balm, all natural shea butter, dead sea salt, neem toothpaste, hair serums, facial scrubs and a few other items. So check them out!

Here's the sisters entry in case you're too lazy to just click the link above =p

Be sure to subscribe to her for updates - she has some really interesting info mashaAllah!

The main gist of deodorants:
  • Most, if not, all deodorants have aluminium in them; this greatly increases your risk of Alzheimer's disease.
  • When you put deodorant on your underarms you're really just plugging the pores. All the waste that your body excretes through sweat is basically being pushed back into your body because your pores are being blocked by disgusting chemicals in deodorants. You don't want to do this. You want to allow your body to excrete it's waste. Sweating isn't a bad thing; it's natural!
  • The nasty stuff that gets on your shirts as a result of sweating with deodorant on, is because of your deodorant. The chemicals mix with your sweat and produce that disgusting color.
An alternative to deodorants: deodorant stones. They are made of mineral salts, which kill the bacteria from the sweat. Thus, eliminating the odor when one sweats. The salt basically deprives the bacteria of it's fluids and eventually the bacteria die.

I suggest buying the one I linked to because it's cheaper than the larger one. Regardless of it's size, it will definitely last you a long time, inshaAllah.

Using it is pretty simple:
  1. Wet the top of the stone.
  2. Apply to underarms (it can be applied to feet, as well, to prevent bad odor during excessive exercise or on a regular basis).
  3. Wash off the top of the stone again so that there is no bacteria left and the salt is not doing unnecessary work.


Megan said...

I tried those stones, but they didn't work for me at all unfortunately.

Mina said...

Ive been using the mineral stone for 3 years and it works for me. Another option is using baby powder, its less harsh. I thought it was so gross when my brother would shower and when he'd wash off dis deodorant there would be chunks at the shower drain!!! SOOO NASTY!

Madinah said...

Hey I use Madina deodorant! Not the stone one though I wasnt sure how to use it, maybe we might see some feedback on it here. My sister lives in NY and shops at their store and mails me so many nice things alhumdulillah!!

Hajar said...

The title caught me by surprise! LoL. Anyway, interesting info. In most days, I'm better off with the talcum. :)

Tahira said...

Yeah talcum powder is good. This is very interesting I never knew anything about deodorant! Thanks for sharing it

Noshi said...

Hey thanks <3.
To the sister that said the stones don't work for her. I'm assuming she meant like...she still sweats? Well...that's natural. You're supposed to sweat. Sweat is good. =] haha. Sounds disgusting, doesn't it?

Anyways, jazakAllahu khair.

Oh and I was going to say...on iherb you still have to pay for shipping, so it might be more than if you actually go into the store and buy it. =]

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

A teeny drop of sweet Pachouli does the trick and still allows the pores to breathe and sweat.

Brooklyn, eh? I used to be married to a brother from one of the Brooklyn masjids :) My sister still lives in Brooklyn.

UmmYaseen said...

I love the blog alhamdulillah. I never knew about deodorant and what it does to the body. My husband doesn't use it and still smells good and if I don't use it I'll be smelling like who done it and why lol. I will try anything that is healthy I am trashing the deodorant RIGHT NOW. Masallama

Sonya said...

I used the mineral stick before and it works okay. my problem is I just hate being sweaty, I sweat a lot =x loll. I only use an actual deoderant stick when I go out, at home the mineral one or some talcum powder is what Iwould prefer

Nur said...
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*~Ange~* said...

i love anything that is a natural remedy as opposed to over processed chemical stuff that is obviously bad for us.

i will check out this iherb stuff. thanks!

Megan said...

Ah, I didn't realize that, I'm used to commercial deodorant/antipersirant sticks. I'll give the crystal another try insha'allah, I'd rather use something simple and harmless.

Umm Salihah said...

I had no idea deoderants work this way (that;s just me being dunh and not thinking about it). It's very off-putting, but I cannot bear the thought of not using deoderant.

I might check out the herbal stuff you mention. Sister Safiyyah's suggestion is very nice also. I have read that diet also contributes to the smell of sweat, diets high in dairy and meat are supposed to make you smellier, whereas fruit and vegetables less so.

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Everyone:

Yes, diet is a huge factor. Ever notice that sometimes you can smell what you have eaten when you go to the bathroom (Allah (swt) forgive me?

On another note, I stayed in Puerto Rico for a summer, teaching English, a time back. It was always super hot and humid there. I noticed that many of the people barely sweat! And those who did had a sort of sweet taste to them (when you kissed them on the cheek!). So, caring for the skin is an important factor, too.

I brush my skin. Once this is done a few times, it becomes a normal routine. Get a high quality skin brush and brush your skin lightly. Always stroke toward your heart. Skin is a living organ. You will notice results in no time, Masha Allah!

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