Tuesday, February 17, 2009

**Running Out of Halal Skittles**

As most of you know I've been selling halal Skittles and other halal goodies we don't get in the US, as well as some hijabs.

A lot of you told me you were interested but have been lazy in contacting me to settle on an order. Now is not the time to do that! I only have 30 packs of Original Skittles left, and 10 packs of Sour Skittles! My gummies, Starbursts, and marshmallow cookies are all gone, except for 1 pack of coconut covered marshmallow cookies *mmm*

So if interested, please email me before they're gone, I don't know when I'll get more. I do ship anywhere in the US and Canada. I also have some hijab pins, which are 10% if you order 3 or more! For pictures of the hijabs and pins, and even the candy, that I have go to

Feel free to email me at lazeena.hosain at yahoo dot com with any questions or if you want to place an order!

JazakumAllahu khayrun!


Mina said...

omgggggg I want starburst!!!! when will you get more? omg i'm emailing you for sour skittles NOWWW lmao

M.J. said...

Thanks for the reminder, I always mean to ask my hubz and get distracted!! But inshAllah if not this time next time.

Khadeejah said...

omg mashallah your pins are to die for!!! i have to check out my hijab drawr and see what color pins i want! im so glad my aunt came by today and gave me some money as a gift! otherwise i'd be too broke to get them lol!

Anonymous said...

Let us know when you get gummy bears!!!