Monday, February 16, 2009

Female Scholar in Egypt

Check out this BBC piece about a sister in Egypt, Magda Amer, who is teaching to raise women's Islamic education and awareness in Egypt. I wish it was more detailed but kudos to them for even doing this! These are the types of articles and people they need to bring to light instead of us constantly seeing those psycho Muslims on the news!

One thing I didn't like was they called her a PREACHER, which made it seem as though she was on the minbar on Jumu'ah giving khutbahs and working forward towards an Imam-role or something. It seems as though she is just a female teacher, increasing her knowledge and sharing it with however many women she can!


Naela said...

Wow that's really good. Shes helping them with things women really need toknow and to TAKE ACTION! They need sisters like that in those countries too, just because its a Muslim country doesn't mean everyone knows everything about Islam and hijab and everything. Usually they are the more ignorant one.
And I thought they meant she was being line an Imam too
Salam akaikum

Candice said...

That's awesome. I hope she has a lot of positive influence on women in Egypt.

Empress Anisa said...

MashaAllah... it good to hear this sister is sharing her knowledge

Anonymous said...

This is really good! Even in the states we need women like this to shed light upon womens issues, really dedicated people who speak from experience!

Noshi said...


Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

I was reading somewhere that that's what they're calling them (preachers). They have been approved to study. Wish I could remember where I read it.